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Melissa V
Amazing Heather you do amazing things! I love that you listen to me and work on the areas that I am having trouble with. I love bragging to everyone about how good you are. You really help me relax for 90 minutes in my crazy hectic life. I look forward to seeing you every month.
Shawn B
Excellent Experience The Crew At Compassionate Hart Is Very Knowledgeable, Professional And Strive To Meet Each Individuals Specific Needs. Would Highly Recommend To Everyone
Sarah S
A very satisfied client with less back pain. Heather has been very helpful with my low back pain. She is very knowledgeable and thorough as well. I always feel so much better after seeing Heather. She has tried new modalities to help ease my pain and I've always had optimal results. I highly recommend Heather for low back issues. She has also helped relieve my migraines as well. Overall, Heather is one of the best massage therapists that Erie has to offer. From migraines to sciatica, Heather is the person to see.
Kaitlin B
1/2 hour massage I would absolutely recommend Andrea as well as A Compassionate Hart! Everytime I go it is always a professional, kind, clean and positive experience. Andrea is great at what she does. I don't get massages often, but when I do it's always here!
Karyn L
Andrea is Awesome! Soooooo much neck/shoulder pain & tension for sooooooo long, and one visit to Andrea changed everything! She uses a little different technique & deep tissue work to really help get muscles working properly. I had no idea someone so small could be so strong! Great massage, already scheduled for my next visit :)
Julie Kulin
First Massage Ever! I got to experience my first massage ever with Heather a few weeks ago! I always struggle with back pain since I dance four+ hours per week and also weight lift. I let her know all of this information and she really targeted the areas that I needed the most. I felt such a relief and had a noticeable difference in mobility in my shoulders even just getting up from the table to put my coat on. I already scheduled my next appt and I cannot wait to see what continued work she can do to help with my back and shoulders!
Janet G
Luxurious Massage Review of Heather Hart A gift from my brother, this was my first experience at A Compassionate Hart, and it was truly exquisite. Heather is a master at massage and her touch was purposeful yet comforting. She encouraged communication so that I felt in control at all times. 90 minutes never went by so quickly or felt so relaxing. Thank you Heather for a wonderful experience!
carol s
Once again, great massage! As always, my massage with Heather was just what I needed after having problems with my lower back...can't say enough about how much better I feel after an hour with her Thanks, Heather!
Carin S
Relaxing and Highly Effective Massage Techniques I was unfortunate enough to have had a head injury/concussion and neck injury. The neck had to wait until my head healed enough but my muscles, by then, had relearned bad things related to my injury that were increasing my headaches and upper back spasms. Heather has been working with me to relax those muscles causing the problems. I am feeling so much better! Heather takes workmans compensation insurance which few therapists do. I am very glad I found her! I am working toward a 100% recovery thanks to Heather Hart.
Debbie P
A great massage! Kristina was thorough and firm and I felt amazing after my massage. I require firm pressure to obtain release of tension and Kristina was able to deliver!
Judith W
Highest quality Don't look any further than A Compassionate Hart for quality massage therapy. Heather is a marvelous therapist and you can be certain that anyone she hires is high quality. This is not a business for "just a back rub!" It is a comforting, professional facility.
Susan S
5 stars !!! When I go to my massage appointments , I am always happy with the service I recieve . I can not imagine having any other massage therapist work on me . Compassionate Hart is the best !
Elsie D
5 stars is not enough Massage therapy with Heather is heavenly! I ask Heather if her hands were insured....she finds knots and problem areas even if I don't mention them. Having been in two auto accidents, I have many problem areas and after a massage with Heather I am so relaxed I don't want to get up and leave. After so many years of being in pain it is shocking to be able to relax so much. You "get used to the pain being there" (if you know what I mean) and it affects all aspects of your life...limiting sleep, activity, how long you can stand or how long you can sit, what you can do in a day depending on your pain level...after a session I am not completely pain free, but I am so relaxed it is wonderful and it isn't drug induced. It is a euphoric state brought on by Heather's expertise in her field and I so appreciate it! Heather I am blessed by your decision to become a massage therapist and I thank you for accepting me as a client.
Mia S
60 minute massage My experience was wonderful. It was the most intentional massage I have ever had, meaning I could tell that you were aware of exactly where I needed attention, not only on my back, but especially on my hips. I will be making another appointment as soon as I can!
Carol S
7/7 massage Had a GREAT massage yesterday...was so relaxed that I actually fell asleep! Thanks for the awesome treatment, Heather
Emma P
A++ A great massage as always. I went in with tightness in one area and we discovered another that was even more so. It was all worked out with Heather's help and I feel fantastic. Looking forward to my next appointment. Thanks, Heather.
Susan S
always helps Every time I get a professional massage , I feel great afterwards . I am happy that I chose Compassionate Hart !
Michelle V
Heather Hart--- great pressure--pain was gone! Heather did a wonderful job of listening to my needs. She gave pressure that I needed and my pain went away for a few days afterward. I look forward to seeing her again.
Robin W
Andrea I've been a customer of Heather's for several years, but she was vacationing when I needed a massage badly! I scheduled with Andrea and she was wonderful! I have fibromyalgia and neuropathy and both are painful. I never had to tell her anything about pressure or timing! She was excellent! I now have another massage therapist that I like which gives me options when Heather is booked or out of town! I"m so glad you added competent, well MORE than competent therapists, Heather! Thanks, Robin
Rebecca P
best massage EVER!!! A wonderful, relaxing massage. Calm, peaceful. Heather was kindx compassionate, yet very professional. She has a liquid, fluid momovement with her hands.felt so good and relaxed afterwards. And the aroma...a nice touch. I highly recommend Heather. Can't wait to go back!!
Heather W
Best masseuse in Erie Hands down, Heather is the best masseuse in Erie. She works diligently to get the knots out and I recommend her to everyone I know. If you are looking for relief, you will want to choose A Compassionate Hart Massage Therapy.
Karyn L
Compassionate, and extremely conpetent as well Heather truly has a gift for more advanced massage techniques and for putting you first during and even after your appointment. She makes a special effort to find out what troubles you are having and offers aftercare suggestions to ensure you stay healthy in the future, too. A truly excellent massage, every time!
Robert A
Excellent Massage After a long day (week, or month) it is good to relax. Even better is to have a massage to help relieve the tension. The best is to have a knowledgeable massage therapist who is able to read the non-verbal signals the body sends to indicate where the stress held. Heather is that knowledgeable and talented professional. Her technique ranges from gentle touch to (really) deep tissue as required for each area. I am a regular customer and have felt refreshed after each session. I eagerly anticipate each return visit. You will too. Enjoy!
Gerri M
Excellent Massage Heather Hart is a skilled and talented massage therapist....if you are in the market for a truly relaxing experience with the benefit of feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated schedule immediately! Thank you Heather
Susan S
Feeling Better After every massage with Heather , I feel so much better . My energy level is higher. (the next day ) Without the massages , I get bad headaches and have a hard time walking at times . Massage therapy helps so much !
First Timer! Needed to try something new for relaxation and stress so I booked an appointment with Heather. She made me feel at home from the first moment; I was a little nervous because I had never had a body massage before. Found the entire experience delightful from beginning to end. Thank you, Heather!!
Kayla S
First time reiki session My experience was relaxing and welcoming! I will def be back for more.
Betty P
Simply Awesome!! I would recommend this for everyone. Heather is very knowledgeable and got some of the hardest knots out of my back. Very pleased and will definitely be back!!
Lisa M
Great experience Have been there twice now and really, really enjoyed my massages. Will definitely go back. Found the online scheduling super convenient.
Kelly S
Great Masage Heather does a great job. Very knoweledgeable and helpful with my current pain issue. Accomadating for my busy schedule.
Terry S
Great massage Review of Heather Hart I really enjoyed my massage with Heather and I will definitely see her again. I already rescheduled. Thank you.
Carol S
great massage Once again, thank you, Heather, for a great massage...exactly what I're the best
Noelle P
Great Massage I have had one previous massage at this establishment but not from Kristina. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there with her! She was knowledgeable and quite attentive to my needs and concerns. I would definately see her again and, actually, have already told some friends to go see her! Thanks!
Emma P
Great massage I had an appointment with Heather. I was running late at work and fortunately we were still able to get my appointment in. I usually have a specific area for her to work on. This time I had a full body massage. It was fantastic and just what I needed after a long day at work. Thanks, Heather.
Healing hands Heather definitely has a gift!
Elsie D
Healing hands of Heather... I am relatively new to massage therapy, but I hope to be a long time customer. Heather really has a gift and has helped me. I started seeing her for problems related to an old auto accident, and after my first session I was in another accident. We continued the massage therapy, but she changed her technique and I believe it has helped me. I don't like taking medication and often have to take it so that I can sleep at night...the pain pill numbs the pain and makes me really sleepy, especially if I also take the muscle relaxant(then I usually get 3 1/2 to 4 hours of what seems to be good sleep before I wake up hurting). After our last session, I purposely did not take them and actually was able to sleep for 4 was wonderful. I would recommend her to anyone. She works with you while she is working on you.
Heaven A massage is like a visit to heaven.... fantastic!
Angela A
I can't wait to go back! This is the second time I have gone to Compassionate Hart and I can't wait to go back for a third time! Heather made me feel comfortable and worked on my problem areas while still working in time for a complete body massage. I plan on getting my 12-year-old daughter a gift certificate for Christmas. I think it'll be a great stocking stuffer for her. A Compassionate Hart is definitely something I want to treat myself to on a more regular basis. Thanks Heather!
Ellie T
LOVED IT! This is the second massage I have had with Heather at Compassionate Hart. I have neck and upper back issues and she zeros right in on problem areas. She is knowledgeable, asks questions before we start and it is a very good experience. So good, in fact, that I have another one scheduled for February.
Massage Therapist Review of Kristina Biggs Thank you Kris! I really enjoyed my massage today.
Nick A
Massage Therapy Review of Andrea Chesley Over the past 14 years I have had approximately 10 different massage therapists. Some I would rate as average, some below average but one person stands above the rest. When Andrea worked at Sandcille I told the owner that Andrea found knots in my muscles that I didn't even know that I had. Above all, with Andrea's skill, I would not hesitate to recommend her as probably the best in town.
Must go! Review of Heather Hart Wonderful massage. Heather is very thorough and knows so much! Saw her for auto accident and she knew so many techniques and I feel so much better! I will defently be a returning costumer! Highly recommend her!!
Liz Y
new techniques Heather used some new techniques to really get the hamstrings loosened up! Thanks, usual, a great massage!
cheryl H
once you try 90, you don't go back A 90 minute massage gave Heather enough time to really work deep on my problem areas. I am already rescheduled. Thankyou, Heather!
Perfect1 Such a great massage yesterday. Great way to start the week, Heather really is a jewel.
Gerry C
Quality Massage Review of Andrea Chesley Excellent massage; good value.
Reiki Session Review of Heather Hart As I said in an earlier post, I will be returning. Your technique is a bit different but I liked it!!! I felt much better after this session than before. Less stressed!!! I will let you know about the Reiki Circle, when they start up again.
Donna Z
splendid! my massage experience was splendid! Makes me ask myself why I don't take the time to enjoy these services more often. Relaxing, restorative, and healing!
Paula P
Te Best I had a wonderful massage with Heather the other night. I always tell her to intuit what I need and she ALWAYS knows EXACTLY what to do. I am rejuvenated and feel wonderful every single time. She's absolutely the BEST!!! Thanks, Heather
Jennifer Ferrick
Therapeutic to the hilt Heather has been able to zone into areas of my back that received trauma via a vehicle accident and help provide relief. Professional, gentle, targeted massage in all of the tight, muscle- trauma laden areas to provide comfort and relaxation. I would highly recommend Heather or any of the LMTs that work at Compassionate Hart!
Jerry G
total relaxation! Money very well spent! Every Kink and Knot was worked out, I felt great. Slept like a baby for the first time in a month.
Kaitlin B
Very Happy My massage was awesome :) Very satisfied with the service and the new location
Very professional I will be a returning client and I have already referred a friend!
Dylanna J
Wonderful Heather is one of the most attentive and thoughtful massage therapists that I have gone to in recent years. She is passionate about her work and pays attention to all the little spots that hide. Highly recommended.
Ellie T
Wonderful ! This was my first experience with Heather at A Compassionate Hart. I can truly say it was a good experience. She found spots that no other massage therapist has found. You can be sure I will be going back for more!
Amy P
Wonderful Massage Heather was awesome! One of the best massages I've ever received and the availability of a two hour massage beats no other! I will definitely be returning soon.
Robert;;;(GE Transportation) A
Excellent Massage Step in from the cold into a warm and welcoming environment, relax and unwind. Heather has a friendly and upbeat personality. The room is warm and quiet with soft music in the background. The table is soft, yet firm. This is the perfect place to take a nap. And then there is the massage. Heather starts with a gentle rub to get blood flow to the area to be worked, then transitions to a more firm application of pressure (sometimes employing an elbow) to work the knots outs. Always a pleasant experience, leaving relaxed and refreshed, ready to take on the world again. Highly recommended.
Jennifer S
Amazing as always :) Heather is not only an great person, but very talented when it comes to massage. I never leave her feeling unsatisfied. Don't know how I ever made it without her!
Kate A
Familiarity I usually buy a package of the one hour massages, that way I am guaranteed to treat myself at least once a month. And in doing so, Heather gets to know my body and the experience is awesome! Many times is "referred" and she knows just where to hit the trigger points. The women is truly gifted!
Theresa S
5 star i always enjoy my massage.i enjoy the company.we can talk or keep quiet. such a wonderful experience.
Michelle C
My pain is gone! Thank you! I was in a great amount of pain when I went in to see Heather at Compassionate Hart. After my massage, the next day, all of my pain was completely gone. Heather was a true life saver and knew EXACTLY what to do to fix the problem. I strongly recommend her - she is knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly, very very good!
Relaxing & restorative! Thank you for your compassion toward me.
Abraham B
excellent massage! Heather does a fine job, excellent massage, knows how to treat a body, and recommend her services for anybody.
Joan L
Mantenance Therapy Felt wonderful, Heather hit all the right areas.
Barb T
5 star I am pain free today...whatever you did was what I needed...thanks see you in a month
Donna S
massage Great massage.
Joan L
Feeling great Thanks for the great massages, Heather. I have never felt better!
Erin F
Five Stars ♥♥ As ALWAYS.. just what I needed!
Liz Y
Great massage as always! Too much snow shoveling makes for a sore shoulder and hip. Heather took care of that:-) Thanks, Heather, for always giving me what I need.
Elsy A
Great overall experience! Really enjoyed my massage. I felt comfortable and relaxed from the moment I waked in the door. Heather really seems knowledgeable and was able to work out tightness in my neck and back. I will definitely recommend her to my family and friends.
Susan S
Love my massages I've been going to Heather for a while now . I look forward to my massages . I know when I am due , my body tells me . I get headaches from and old accident i was in 20 or so years ago . The therapy really helps me manage the pain . With regular massages , I can keep the headaches at bay .
Melissa M
Great Massage I was so relaxed after my massage I could hardly make the drive home to North East. Heather thank you so much. I look forward to my next appointment. I felt good for days.
Great massage She did a wonderful job working on the areas that really needed attention! Will definitely be going back.
Ron S.
Heather Hart Is The Best ! I have gone to Heather only two previous times and now looking forward to my next visit coming soon. Heather has the most gifted hands for making my aches drift away. She knows the right spots to manipulate in a warm and comfortable enviornment. Would recommend her to anyone looking for a great therapist. Keep up the great work, Heather!
Cheryl H
massage Love The Appointments On Line. Also Great Fun, As Always. Glad You Are In My Network For Work.
Karyn L
Heather will fix things you didn't even know were ailing you! I knew I had some knots in my back/shoulders but using trigger points and deep tissue techniques, Heather worked out some other adhesions and issues. After just one treatment, my neck feels so much better and my arm moves freely overhead...that hadn't been the case for awhile! Heather will explain what she's doing and is always extremely knowledgeable, professional, and just GOOD at what she does!!
marcia nitczynski
1/2 hour massage I thoroughly enjoyed the massage. The room was very comfortable, bed warm and the music very calming. Heather was very professional and excellent with her skills. Will definitely return but for an hour. Thank you
Liz Y
Just what the doctor ordered:-) Heather knew just what I needed when she listened to my latest "complaints". She worked out the kinks and also gave me tips for "maintenance" that I can try on my own.
Awesome!! My first time to Heather and I definitely will be going back!!
Tisha C
Amazing I heard about Heather from a friend and have been referring friends and family to her for a couple of months now. They have all been raving about her! I finally got a chance to try Heather myself and I am amazed at my experience. Not only was the massage simply fabulous but Heather made me feel comfortable and relaxed. My back, which was the catalyst to me getting a massage, still feels like new days later, no pain! I only wish I had listened to my own advice earlier. I highly recommend Heather, you will be amazed!
Roxann C
Amazing Yet Again!!!! Heather is such a passionate massage therapist! I highly recommend her as she is a professional and exceeds any expectations you may have! She is a master at her craft!!!!! She takes her time to really learn about your body and your needs and also about YOU! :)
Marilyn C
first massage AWESOME - Heather found "knots" I didn't know I had - already made my next appointment
Bill Law
I feel good. I knew that I would. As always Heather asked me a few questions before my massage and worked on the areas I mentioned. It's like she always says. "Your massage is your massage". Definatelly worth every dollar and more. So what are you waiting for? Give her a call or send her a text or facebook message. You'll be glad you did.
Liz Y
You DO always get what you need:-) Sometimes you want a massage to relax, and sometimes you need parts worked on. With Heather, you DO always get what you need!
Carol S
Pedicure Thank you, Heather...great pedicure, and, as always...great conversation!!!!
Judy S
Much needed relief With my husband passing only 7 weeks ago I did not realize just how much stress my body was going through. I kept my fists clenched and my neck stiff from the tension I felt. My massage put my whole being into another place, a place of serenity and ease. I have been able to maintain this and cannot thank you enough.
karen s
acompassinate hartmassagetherapy Very pleased with Heather's knowledge and expertise in her field. She made me feel very welcome and comfortable.
Missy M
Excellent massage I wanted an hour on my neck, back & shoulders by a licensed massage therapist and that's what I got. My shoulder feels better, neck can turn without pain and I feel relaxed. The massage room was warm, comfortable and private. Heather is professional, well-educated and has a great personality. I am looking forward to my next massage session here.
Randy K
Highly Recommended! I have been visiting A Compassionate Hart for approximately 4 months and have always found Heather to be very friendly and professional. She has a great knowledge of the muscular system and does a wonderful job of finding tight/tender areas and working them out. The massage room is warm, comfortable and relaxing and the massages have amazingly helpful with my back pain.
Suzanne S.
Highly recommend I have gone to Heather for massages for about two years now -- first for treatment of neck and upper back tension and, recently, for treatment after a car accident. Whether you're looking for stress relief or relief from chronic pain, Heather provides clients with a true, customized, therapeutic massage using several techniques and approaches. She is excellent! I have given friends gift certificates for massages with her and highly recommend her services.
Liz Y
Relax and renew Sometimes there are aches and pains to get worked out. Sometimes all I need is a great massage to relax and renew...always get what I need from Heather!
Linda M
What a Treat Heather was a pleasure to meet and was sincerely concerned for my well being. I thoroughly enjoyed my foot massage and plan to visit again. What a treat and a wonderful way to find relaxation.
Ed N
massage Heather is very professional and works hard to relieve pain where needed. I could not ask for a better massage!
Elaine T
Massage & Reiki sessions Had a great massage from Heather at Compassionate Hart, very informative, accommodating to wants & needs. Tried a reiki session for the 1st time & found it to be very relaxing & spiritual. Felt it was a holistic cleansing of my negative energy. Also recommended a very good chiropractor for my husband (Dr. Huffman on E. 38th St.) thanks heather for being so nice & helpful.
Roxann C
Excellent Experience!!!! I had never had a massage before and Heather exceeded any expectations I had!!!! She treats each individual session different based on your needs. No generic massages here!!!! She caters to your body and connects with you!!!! It's not just a wonderful physical massage, it's an experience! My mind and body actually RELAX! I feel the best I've ever felt following one of her massages!!!! I'm definitely a returning customer and definitely addicted! I would recommend Heather to anyone and everyone! She is amazing and has made me a believer in the healing power of massage!
Hunter H
Hart Feedback She is AMAZING! She is very good at giving deep-tissue massages. She does fantastic work on my back, shoulders, neck, and arms. I will be a loyal customer for as long as we both are in the same town.
Liz Y
Always a great massage! Heather gives a massage that is just for on what your body needs. That is important to me.
Erin F
completely amazing! i am way beyond happy with how much you have helped me!! certainly, i will continue to reap the benefits of your amazing healing ♥
Liz Y
Blissed out:-) As always, Heather hit all the right spots. So blissed out I was afraid I would have a hard time driving home:-) I didn't!
Chris S
Great massage Heather gives a great massage! When I visit my daughter in Erie, Heather will be my massage therapist of choice.
Heather's massages A massage with Heather is a real treat. She is excellent in her technique, very aware of your problem areas and ready to give you a perfect compassionate massage!
Erin F
AWESOME!! this is just a really nice way to thank you again for you, your strong hands, and your amazing ability to heal.. i am most grateful
MaryBeth C
massage Heather gives the best massage I have ever had.
MaryBeth C
awesome! thats how I feel after Heathers massage. Keep it up girl!!!
great massage I went to Heather for the first time last week and received a wonderful massage. She worked on the areas I asked her to and have felt great since. Definitely booking another massage!
LeeAnn W
Heather Hart wonderful I was given a gift certificate as a going away present for a therapeutic massage with Heather Hart. I loved the ease of online scheduling. My directions I printed out were incorrect so I was running a few minutes late - heather was kind & calm when I called - I wondered at the time if I should reschedule; Heather assured me that I would be just fine. I show up for the massage two days after a very close relatives funeral and the day before moving to Colorado from Pennsylvania. I was emotionally & physically exhausted. I've had massages before & this was by far the best. Heather just seemed to know what I needed in that moment. It was very relaxing. And she also worked through places where I must have been holding tension in my body. Her office space was very warm & inviting. Heather was very warm, calm & understanding - I highly recommend her services & if I wasn't moving out of state - I would be using her services regularly. Thank you heather
Stacy G
Love it!!! I always love the massages!!! And now I will be trying the pedicures as well!!!
Suzan B
I love my massages. :) Best massage ever. Cant wait for the next appt.
MaryBeth C
rate 10 stars I have been going to Heather for years and because of her theraputic massage she helps me feel wonderful and the tightness and soreness that pile up melt away.
Emma P
Super massage I had a deep tissue massage from Heather. It was amazing. I remember someone asking, it may have been Heather, to share your favorite massage experience. Mine was when those knots you didn't know about are found. They were found and worked on perfectly. I felt great. Just remember to drink plenty of water to flush all that work out.
Kate A
REIKI Due to stressors at home and work I felt "off"and just out of sorts. I've been going to Heather for some time now for massage and decided to try a Reiki session for my birthday. Great present! It was WONDERFUL! I had been having "busy" dreams. Last night I slept like a log. It is an interesting experience and now I need to add it to my routine. Try it, you'll like it!
Patti R
Awesome Massage! Heather really took care of some tension I was holding in my body! No more sore muscles in my back and shoulders. My comfort during the massage was her goal! Thank you Heather for truly making my hour appointment "my time"!
Carol S
great massage and great pedicure!!!! I've been coming to Heather for massage for over a year and she is the best yet! She truly makes you feel comfortable and her expertise results in such a sense of well-being when she's through....I recently had my first pedicure also and will definitely schedule again...Thanks for a continual great experience, Heather
Liz Y
Just what I need Heather always tailors the massage to how I am feeling and what I want or need. Always a great massage!
Raychel A
Heather is an amazing massage therapist. I have been a client of Heather Harts for several years. She is fantastic! Heather really takes the time to make each massage tailored to what the client needs. No massage is the same. She applies the right amount of pressure, eases pain, and is truly concerned with what the patient is feeling at the time of the massage and after. I'd highly recommend Heather Hart!
Susan S
Massage Therapy Heather takes the time to get to know her clients needs . She will take time and explain how you pain radiates from one part of your body to another . She is very compassionate , just like the name of her business states . I highly recomend her is you have any type of injury . She can help ease the pain .